Prematho Mee Lakshmi with Shekar Kammula,Subbaraju

Shekar Kammula, Subbaraju and suresh babu came as guest for Prematho Mee Lakshmi , brand new talk show of manchu lakshmi in ETV
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


  1. Good to see you Shekar sir on the show, we(telugu people) are really proud of you sir, and eagerly waiting for your next project and u Lakshmi as always irritating with self dabba about your family and your qualifications. WE are really frustated with your accent. Next time when you interview him PLZ, PLZ, PLZ, dont compare his education with yours. His work truely reflects that he is a real genius from a good american University with MFA degree. where as you some how managed some small and disastrous roles in maximum of 14 episodes of american serials and pretend as if you are a big hollywood celebrity so a bogus like you cant even be matched to Shekhar sir's foot. We will be happy if you just put an end to your bogus american accent and just realize that you are just a big daddy's(Mohan Babu) daughter and nothing else.

  2. please dayachesi telugu lo matladandi. ardham telugu ardham english basha vinalekapothunnam. telugu varandaram telugu lone matladadham ani cheppadam kadhu follow kuda avvandi. mana telugu vallu kuda ila matladuthunte chala badhaga undi.......english kalipi matladithe style anukuntaremo..chala chiraku ga untundi...atu english kadhu itu telugu kadhu........