Dr Rajendraprasad in Prematho Mee Lakshmi in Episode 13

Nata Kiriti Dr Rajendra Prasad came as guest to Prematho mee Lakshmi episode 13.

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  1. Perfect Jodi

    Rajendra Prasad English and Lakshmi Prasanna Telugu

  2. really wonderfull show mam...... i am your fan....... mam one small suggestion, like in your past show you pls talk in telugu more...... being telugu peole we should and have inspire all others... thingking a positive action from you

  3. Meeru cheppe Inspirations, beginning of the show chala weird ga vunnaya... I guess, your intention of telling is perfect but the sentences doesn't make any sense. Things do sound different when you kind of translate as is from english to telugu. So please try to read the sentences before you feel that they sound right...Hope you take this as a positive note and change for better future of you...

  4. meeku emaina siggu saram undara daaniki kooda fans untara daani telugu adi kalaloki raakunda undaalani korukondra.

  5. lakshmi learn telugu properly and conduct th show